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Your Path to the Perfect Property

Since 2006, BDI Homefinders has been the go-to property-finding service for clients seeking to buy or rent in London. We pride ourselves on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and personalized solutions.

Discover Your Dream Home with Ease

No matter your needs - upsizing, downsizing, investment properties, renovation projects, or family homes - we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our close collaboration with clients and vast industry network allow us to source the finest properties, negotiate the best prices, and provide expert advice.

Beyond the Property: Finding the Perfect Area

We understand that it is not just the property that people are looking for but also the location. Many people are unsure where to begin, may never have lived in London, and want to know the benefits and the downsides of different areas. This is where we excel. We accompany our clients around London to explore all the options for both lifestyle choices and value for money, so we can ensure you find the right place to call home.

Trusted Experts with Awards and Recognition

Tracy Kellett is a renowned industry expert frequently appearing in TV and Radio programmes and regularly quoted across national newspapers.

With accolades like Best Buying Agent - Sunday Times Estate Agency Awards, Spears Magazine Top Buying Agent, and Prime Resi Best Buying Agents - London, we are proud of our reputation as award-winning professionals.

Let us be your trusted partner in the search for your perfect property and area.


Why Choose Us

Expertise and Personalised Service

With over a decade of experience, BDI Homefinders offers tailored and knowledgeable assistance, ensuring clients find the ideal property in their desired area.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Solutions

BDI Homefinders saves clients time and money by utilising industry connections and advanced tools, streamlining the property search process, and negotiating the best prices.

Proven & Trusted Industry Reputation

BDI Homefinders is a recognised and trusted name in the industry, backed by awards and accolades, providing clients with confidence in their ability to deliver exceptional results.

How We Work

Phase 1


After an initial discussion or video call, we meet with all of our prospective clients at a convenient location to fully discuss our service and talk through individual needs. Our detailed consultation means we can begin your property search armed with as much information as possible to minimise the path to purchase.

The search begins

This is where you let us do what we do best — sourcing properties that precisely meet your requirements. We continue previewing, set up viewing days and accompany you on the search of suitable properties until you have found ‘the one’.


So we have found the one. What next?It is a matter of pride to make our service self-funding through tough negotiation. It is our job to negotiate the best possible terms for you.

We are experts in doing this not just through years of experience but also because our business to business relationship with Estate Agents and other parties allows us more insight into the process, allowing us to make the process of buying as smooth as possible.

At this stage we can also recommend tried and tested Solicitors, Surveyors and financial advisers.

Through the purchase

The process of sales progression is increasingly taxing due to increased ‘paperwork’ necessary from Mortgage Lenders and Lawyers. We manage this for our clients by liaising with all parties and trouble-shooting through the tricky parts. Sourcing experts and tradespeople as necessary to address any issues.
For properties that require work we can recommend and organise quotations for reliable builders, interior designers and most other services required.

I have been really impressed with your professionalism, thorough service, attention to detail and terrier-like following up of the many recalcitrants who littered our path. We very literally couldn’t have done it without you.

Kate from Sydney